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Horizontal Rain and Moving Sales Don’t Mix

In preparation for our scouting trip to Miami next Sunday, we gathered together everything that we thought we could live without and got everything ready for a garage sale.  It was actually supposed to be called a moving sale, but you call it a garage sale when you wind up hiding in your garage and waiting for the torrential rains to stop long enough for somebody to run from their car to see your stuff.  We didn’t sell much this time around.  Maybe we’ll have better luck on Craigslist…

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Time to run away

Saturday, September 12, 2009 2:14PM

I got laid off from my job last week.  My wife lost her job about three months ago.  Our lease is up in two months, and there are no jobs in the Florida Suncoast area.  We can’t sign a new lease for an apartment without jobs, and our only income is $231.00 a week from Unemployment.

We need to go where the work is.  From what we can see, Miami is looking like our future home.  There are many more jobs for my wife and I to apply for, and public transportation which is handy as well.  With the exception of 30 days in Honolulu, we’ve never lived in a big city before.  I grew up in Ann Arbor, MI and my wife in Livonia, MI.  It’s always been something we’ve wanted to try, so it’s time to take the jump.
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